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Quel est le meilleur vélo électrique biplace ?

What is the best two-seater electric bike?

The electric bike market is booming. Manufacturers compete in imagination to offer ever more customizable and unique bicycle models. We are now interested in bicycles with a two- seater saddle. Still not very common, this type of bike offers its users the possibility of riding in pairs or carrying accessories.


Why buy a two-seater electric bike?

The two-seater electric bicycle is a novelty in the world of electrically assisted bicycles. It is an alternative to the car or the cargo bike in order to move around as a couple or to do your shopping or bring your child to school without difficulty.

It is a less tiring means of transport than the traditional bicycle, more respectful of the environment than a combustion engine and much less cumbersome than a car.

The electric bike continues to gain new followers every day. Users today want to provide the minimum effort when traveling by bicycle for various reasons. They also want to be able to travel as a duo, but not necessarily on a motorcycle, and want to take advantage of cargo space, but not on a scooter.

The two-seater electric bike meets all these criteria and offers a practical alternative , at a lower cost!


Top 3 best two-seater electric bikes

For users wishing to invest in an electric bike for two, here is our selection:

Yuvy electric bike (Price: €1899 excluding accessories)

Electric-bicycle-two-seater-Yuvy-pre-order – Elwing Boards A multipurpose bike

Developed by the French company Elwing, the Yuvy electric bike recently joined the brand's range.

Its unique design is reminiscent of the famous small mopeds of the 70s and 80s Honda dax and Monkey.

The Yuvy is a bike designed for the city. It is chosen above all for its functional aspect rather than its pure performance. This bike is indeed a real alternative to the car in town because it is possible to equip it with hundreds of combinations of accessories (baby seat, panniers, luggage rack, storage box on the frame, windshield, surf rack, etc.).

Quality components

The Yuvy is equipped with a 250W Bafang motor. It has hydraulic brakes and a Shimano Altus 7 crankset/derailleur assembly. This bike offers 5 levels of assistance, has 20-inch wheels and is equipped with an LCD screen to display the time, distance , speed and driving mode.

A powerful e-bike

In accordance with the law, the assistance of the bicycle accompanies you up to 25 km/h with a range ranging from 50 to 70 km. It withstands a maximum load of 150 kg and is suitable for riders between 160 cm and 185 cm tall. Its weight (including battery) is displayed at just over 30 kg.

Garrett Miller X electric bike (Price: 2490€)


The Franco-American with a unique style

Its design is the result of an explosive cultural mix. Strongly inspired by the origins of its founder, it combines French tradition by drawing inspiration from mopeds, stars of the 80s and American madness with its extravagant choppers and motorcycles.

The architecture of the bike offers a very pleasant, slightly elevated riding position . In addition, the wide saddle provides additional comfort.

The large all-terrain wheels reveal the rugged character of the Garrett Miller, which is equally at home on land, in the countryside, as on asphalt roads, in town.

State-of-the-art technology

Equipped with a 250 Watt Brushless motor , the Garrett Miller X propels you at 25 km/h over a distance of approximately 50 to 70 km. It is used like a classic bicycle but offers an inimitable style and ease of pedaling thanks to the 5 assistance modes .

The bike offers versatility on all terrains. It proves to be agile on rough terrain with its 20-inch cross wheels . Its thick and wide saddle gives it significant road comfort over long distances. It can be used in any weather, day or night.

The front and rear LED headlights allow you to conquer unexplored landscapes.

Relatively light compared to other bikes in its category ( 32 kg ), it has metal mudguards as standard and a very practical adjustable handlebar .

The Garrett Miller X can be used in a classic way thanks to its 7-speed crankset . As soon as you want to activate the electric assistance, 5 driving modes are available. The grip and the torque delivered then make it possible to exploit the performance of the bike to the maximum.


The disc brakes at the front and at the rear allow optimal and progressive braking . The bike is also equipped with light devices at the front and rear and an audible device to warn other users.

The battery is removable for easy charging. A set of keys is also provided to secure the battery and start the bike.

Super 73 S2 electric bike (Price: 3399€)


American class!

The Super73 S2 e-bike is uncompromising. It has been designed to accompany you in the adventures of everyday life . Compatible with the Super73 app, personalizing your driving experience is at your fingertips. This bike is ideal for a quick run or a long trip.

Its design has been modernized and refined to offer a visual that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

New in 2021

The 6065/7071 aluminum alloy frame is lighter and stiffer than steel. This allows the bike to resist rust and corrosion .

This new S2 model offers improved suspension compared to previous models. It even becomes adjustable for optimal comfort on all terrains.

The 250 Watt motor is very torquey. He is able to develop a peak power of 2000 Watts. 

The S2 is powered by a super high capacity 960WH battery. The range will be around 120 km depending on the assistance modes used.

The Super73-S2 is fitted with brand new BDGR tyres. At 5 inches wide, this 20-inch all-terrain tire is even wider than earlier models.

The original extended seat is a two-seater , a real plus for trips for two.  


The two-seater e-bike is making a successful entry into the e-bike market. It responds to a growing demand which consists in equipping one's bike to the maximum in order to be autonomous , by bike, in one's daily movements.


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