Guide d'achat : quel casque vélo électrique choisir ?

Buying guide: which electric bike helmet to choose?

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Wearing a bicycle helmet in France has been debated for many years. The practice of cycling is becoming more democratic and the number of cyclists is constantly increasing . The question of wearing a helmet is all the more present when talking about an electrically assisted bicycle because the speed of 25 km/h is quickly reached. Often neglected by users because they are considered unsightly, the bicycle helmet has now become design and aesthetic . The brands are adapting to a new urban clientele for whom the look is essential.


Obligations on wearing a bicycle helmet in France

Wearing a helmet is compulsory for speedbike users, these electric bikes can go up to 45 km/h. These belong to the same category as mopeds and must therefore be registered and insured. Their users are obliged to wear a protective helmet and gloves approved to European standards .

As far as users of VAE or classic bicycles are concerned, nothing obliges them to wear a helmet. However, we strongly recommend its use!

The only obligation concerns children under 12 years old . Since 2017, they have had the obligation to wear a helmet whether they are alone or passengers.


Other cycling safety features

The highway code therefore does not require users of electric bikes to wear a helmet. On the other hand, other safety appendages must be present on the bike. Here is the list of mandatory safety elements on a bicycle (electric or not):

  • Front and rear lights
  • A white reflector in the front + a red reflector in the back
  • Orange reflectors on wheels and pedals
  • A doorbell
  • A mechanical braking system

For the safety of the cyclist, we recommend, in addition to the helmet, the wearing of gloves and reflective equipment to be seen (especially at night).

The cyclist must also respect the rules of the highway code. For example, it is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks, to run a red light or a stop sign or to use your telephone. Violations and corresponding fines are listed at this link .

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Wearing a bicycle helmet against the risk of an accident

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory but in the event of a fall, it will be the most important safety element. Several studies have shown that head trauma is the leading cause of death among cyclists.

The helmet is not a flawless bulwark in the event of a head impact . However, it greatly reduces the risk of trauma and injury by absorbing shock.

Recall ! The bicycle helmet must be replaced after a fall or impact even if no major damage is visible. Its effectiveness will indeed be less and will not protect you properly.

Our selection of e-bike helmets


It is important to choose the right helmet. Your bicycle helmet should be lightweight and snug to your head. Here are some tips before making your decision:

  • The helmet must have European EN 1078 or 1080 certification . If not, move on.
  • When possible, try the helmet on before you buy it. Close it then shake your head to see if it's not too big or if it's not too tight.
  • We recommend an In-Mold helmet which is a manufacturing technique consisting of fusing a thin outer plastic layer directly with the internal part of the hard EPS foam helmet. This process makes the helmet lighter.

California Style: Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet


Elegant and light , Thousand bike helmets are inspired by the vintage spirit of Californian bikers from the 50s and 60s. The Heritage collection features the iconic models of this brand with a made in USA design.

The first thing you notice about a Thousand Heritage helmet is a minimalist design but with real attention to detail. For example, the coating of the helmet is rubberized (easy to clean), the attachment system is magnetic and the straps are made of genuine leather (vegan).

Available in 3 sizes , the Thousand Collection Heritage helmet will provide you with all the comfort you need for daily use. Indeed, the inside of the helmet is equipped with 7 ventilation points.

Security is also at the rendezvous with EN 1078 and CPSC certification as well as a patented integrated system allowing it to be quickly attached to your lock .

With the Thousand Heritage helmet you set off to attack the asphalt with a modern helmet with an inimitable look.

King of Cities: Abus Hyban 2.0 Ace Helmet


The ABUS Hyban 2.0 ACE helmet is a complete bike helmet with both a visor and an integrated rear LED.

With its design and urban look, this ACE version has a face visor. Its patented design combines excellent ventilation (5 inlets and 8 outlets) for your comfort and large 180° rear LED lighting for your visibility.

Suitable for all heads thanks to an adjustable occipital support system by wheel (Zoom Evo Easy system) , the Abus Hyban 2.0 ACE bicycle helmet is adjustable as desired.

Its integrated construction (polycarbonate and ABS) of the upper and lower parts make the Hyban 2.0 ACE a light (500g) and solid visor helmet. The visor is of course removable which makes this bike helmet very functional on a daily basis.

The inner padding of the Hyban 2.0 ACE cycling helmet is detachable and washable. The interior cushions are present on a larger surface in contact with the head for increased comfort. The visor is also removable in a jiffy.

The little extra of this bike helmet are the integrated LED at the back which allows you to be clearly visible to other road users at night, as well as an anti-insect mesh net to protect your skull from external intrusions while by ventilating.

A sporty character: Livall Bling BH62 helmet

livall_bling_bh62_ electric_bike_helmet

The Livall Bling BH62 has 80 LEDs on the back of the helmet. They serve as indicators , like a motorcycle. These LEDs can be activated using a switch that attaches directly to the handlebars of your bike.

Also equipped with speakers and a microphone , you can play your favorite music ( via Bluetooth ) and communicate with your friends through the walkie-talkie function of the connected bicycle helmet. For the sake of safety, even at full power, you will hear what is happening around you (Horns, approaching cars...).

In addition, the connected bicycle helmet is equipped with an SOS alert function . It works through a sensor array in the helmet to make sure you can get help in an emergency. An SOS alert message will be displayed for 90 seconds directly on the LivallRiding app. If you don't cancel this message, the app will send a message with your location to the emergency contacts you pre-registered.

This LIVALL Bling BH62 helmet is a patented product that required several years of research and development. It was designed by designers recognized in the world of professional cycling , the brand being a sponsor of the Tour de France .


Although the law does not oblige you to do so, wearing a helmet is the most effective safety element in the event of a fall from a bicycle. The choice of bicycle helmet is up to the user himself. Be careful on the bike. Be vigilant and on the lookout, anticipation will be your best ally!

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