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Nouveautés 2022 chez l'équipementier de vélo électrique Bosch

New for 2022 from the Bosch e-bike supplier

The German equipment manufacturer recently presented the new features of the Bosch 2022 range . Renowned for being the leader in its market, it is developing its electric bike offer. We will detail in this article the announcements of the manufacturer.

eBike Flow: the brain of your e-bike

This is the first major novelty presented by Bosch. The eBike Flow app is the successor to Bosch eBike connect. In addition to the information already available, it offers new features:

  • customization of assistance modes
  • recording of activities
  • remote updates
  • automatic detection of the start of the journey by the application


Your e-bike data is now fully stored in the app. Bosch gives e-bike owners the possibility of collecting a lot of information on the use of their bike and on the journeys made. The user will also be able to share their data on external applications such as Apple Health.

Regular updates will be made to the application in order to provide an optimal user experience.

On the professional side, Bosch has chosen to open its application to the various manufacturers so that they can offer personalized interfaces or assistance modes specific to their brands.

Bosch is also working on a ConnectModule, directly linked to the eBike Flow application, which will integrate an anti-theft system with an alarm and a geolocation service. This element should see the light of day in 2022.

(Bonus! Bosch is also reportedly working on a voice assistant, GPS guidance and IoT to increase safety by allowing bikes to communicate with each other...)

The new face of Bosch: Kiox 300


This is the new screen that will be directly connected via Bluetooth to the eBike Flow application. The Kiox 300 is accompanied by a new remote LED remote control to access the different assistance modes. No need to go to the screen, everything is managed from this convenience. It is positioned on the left of the handlebar and falls easily under the user's thumb.


The new display, which is an improved version of the Kiox, displays all the essential data (range, speed, assistance mode). The lighting adapts to the ambient light. The display is detachable and it will be possible to fix it either directly on the stem or on the handlebar. It also benefits from remote updates and a walk assist mode.

The 2021 version of our Garrett Miller X bike is also equipped with a new bluetooth display allowing direct access to your data.

Performance line cx: a state-of-the-art engine

Bosch has 5 engines for pedelecs:

  • Bosch active line motor
  • Bosch active line plus motor
  • Bosch cargo line engine
  • Bosch performance line motor
  • Bosch performance line cx motor

The one we're interested in here is the performance line cx engine. The latter is the most powerful of the Bosch range. It is at the same time light, powerful, reactive to acceleration and very well balanced to deliver the power in an optimal way.


It will integrate in particular high-end vehicles. Regarding performance, they remain unchanged, the performance line cx remains the most powerful in its range with a torque limited to 85nm .

On the other hand, electronic changes and a slight aesthetic remodeling to make it more modern have been made. An update is planned for 2022 with a new Tour + mode (replacing the current Tour mode). It is a kind of more flexible eMTB (performance oriented) mode, which will therefore adapt to the greatest number.


A boost for the battery

750 Wh of happiness!

Until now Bosch batteries offered a maximum capacity of 625 Wh. Bosch has just unveiled a new long-range battery.

Always more autonomy

Bosch unveils a new battery with a range of up to 140 km in Eco mode, 20% more than the 625. It will certainly be possible to approach 100 km of range during mixed use.

A new charger is supplied with the battery which allows a full recharge in 6 hours (50% in 2 hours).


A few points to note...

Who says better autonomy says increased weight. We are indeed at a weight of 4.4 kg for the PowerTube 750 battery, i.e. 900g more than a PowerTube 625.

The battery is also a few centimeters (6.8cm) longer than the PowerTube 625, which makes it incompatible with frames incorporating this battery.

In addition, it has a different connection , which makes it incompatible with bicycles already in circulation.

Finally, this battery is currently the only one compatible with the new Bosch intelligent system .



The Bosch electric bike supplier therefore promises even more performance with this new intelligent system . Bosch once again shows its desire to establish itself as a leader in the sector.

These improvements should arrive before the end of year celebrations 2021. However, the shortage of spare parts for bicycles having caused significant delays in delivery for almost a year, it will be necessary to be patient to see the deliveries of the first models.


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