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Comment bien utiliser une batterie de vélo électrique ?

How to properly use an electric bike battery?

Buying an e-bike is a long-term investment. The battery being the oxygen of your bike, it is essential to take care of it in order to preserve its capacities as long as possible. Whether you already own an electrically assisted bicycle or are simply looking for information, here are some indications on the proper use of the bicycle battery.

4 tips for properly charging your electric bike battery

The branching order

It is very important to respect the order of connection in order to avoid any problem of overload . Always first connect the charger's power cable to the wall outlet and only then can you connect it to your bike battery. The current is then distributed in the right way.

Be sure to close the plastic cap that protects the battery connectors to ensure that they are watertight .


The charger

Always use the charger supplied with the bike. If you need to replace it, go directly to your dealer or to the direct brand who will provide you with an original charger .

If necessary, in case of troubleshooting, you can use a charger of the same brand but compatible with your battery (check the voltage and amperage).

Avoid using a charger from another brand which may be slower and above all ensure compatibility so as not to damage your battery cells.


Temperature is a factor that should not be overlooked in optimizing battery life . Extreme temperatures (negative or above 30°C) can affect performance.

To charge your battery in complete peace of mind, we recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun during charging, allowing the battery to cool for at least 30 minutes after using the e-bike and charging in a dry and soft place (20 to 25°C).


Charging time

When using for the first time, it is advisable to charge the battery to 100% and then perform a complete discharge. Check the progress of the charge (the average full charge time is between 3 and 5 hours ). On Bosch batteries, for example, a green light comes on when your battery is charging. As soon as the charging light goes out, it means that your battery is fully charged.

Remove the battery from your electric bike

Almost all electric bikes today are equipped with removable batteries . However, it is not necessary in all cases to remove the battery from the frame to recharge it.

In the most common case, you will remove the battery if it is not possible to approach the bike to the charging socket. For example, if you have to go up a few floors in the elevator or if you do not have a power outlet in your garage.

In another scenario, it is best to remove the battery in winter and not leave it on the bike even if you use it frequently.

To safely remove the battery from your bike, make sure the bike is turned off. If it is a battery housed in the rear rack, slide it carefully. For a battery integrated into the frame, remove it from its location, handling it carefully to avoid shocks.


Extend the life of your bike battery

Storing and Storing the Battery

As seen previously, the battery must be stored in a room at approximately 20°C. It is also advisable to store it with a battery percentage between 30 and 70% . The major advantage of lithium-Ion batteries is that they autonomously manage the distribution of storage in the cells, which extends their lifespan.

The display (on-board computer) consumes a small amount of battery, even when switched off. It is therefore preferable to remove the battery if you do not intend to use it for some time.

Clean and maintain the battery

To clean the battery of your electric bike, use a damp cloth ( discover our range of cleaning products ). Store the battery in a healthy place (no dusty or greasy surfaces), in a room at room temperature . The battery connectors should be checked regularly and if necessary, you can use contact cleaner to preserve their effectiveness. If the connection points are damaged or rusty, do not try to connect your battery, call a professional.

Caution : never clean your battery with a water jet! Always remove the battery if you want to clean your bike with water.


The lifespan of an e-bike battery

A high-performance battery offers an average of 1000 cycles (charge + discharge) before seeing its autonomy decrease.

After the first full charge, there is no point in recharging and then completely discharging the battery each time. This is because the BMS (battery motherboard) manages the energy storage in the battery cells. On the contrary, it is even advisable not to wait until the battery is completely discharged to recharge it. The ideal is to keep a charge gauge between 30 and 70%.

Even if you are not using your bike, be aware that the battery is discharging. In case of prolonged non-use, charge the battery at least once a month .

Either way, the battery wears out during charging cycles. On average, an e-bike battery can last up to 5 years with proper use. We recommend that you contact your dealer directly when you want to change the battery.


The differences between e-bike batteries

There are different brands of batteries: Samsung, LG for the best known. Unfortunately, there are still products on the market equipped with Chinese batteries which are to be avoided because they do not comply with the safety standards in force.

All e-bike batteries currently on the market run on lithium . Lead batteries are gradually disappearing, deemed to be inefficient and too polluting.

Note that all of the models in the Garrett Miller range are made up of Samsung 48V13ah batteries.

What should I do when my battery performance decreases?

An electric bike battery is made up of two components essential to its operation: the BMS (Battery Management System) which is the motherboard, the brain of the battery and cells (in the form of batteries), which store energy.

As soon as you observe a drop in the performance of your bike in terms of range, it could be that one or more battery cells are impaired.

It sometimes happens that there is a malfunction of the battery when purchased. In this case, do not waste time requesting warranty coverage from your dealer.

The performance of your battery will be directly related to the attention you give it!

When your battery reaches the end of its life, adopt the right reflexes by recycling it. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this subject!


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