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La livraison à vélo : une révolution électrique

Bike delivery: an electric revolution

The e-bike has become so popular that it is now widely used by couriers. It is also very popular with companies to go further, faster and with minimum effort in the city. It is an economical and ecological mode of transport, practical for arriving on time at customers! Thanks to its engine, the electrically assisted bicycle offers comfort when pedaling to make deliveries by bicycle with complete peace of mind.

Last-mile delivery, a major challenge for our cities

Last mile delivery requires rigor and organization because it is the last link in the chain of the delivery process. The scattering of delivery points makes this part of the delivery difficult to manage and therefore more expensive. Consumer expectations are constantly growing and their shopping experience is directly linked to last mile logistics. A bad experience will push them to go to the competition.


Economic priorities

Transporting parcels in the city center has become one of the priorities of delivery companies. When delivering a product to your home, the last mile is the most expensive. It requires a significant and well-established logistical deployment . Developments that are developing in the city, such as cycle paths, promote delivery by bicycle, for example. It has become essential for these companies to equip themselves with a suitable fleet of vehicles to meet growing demand while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

A challenge for the planet

Last mile logistics is an ecological challenge in large cities. Greenhouse gas emissions must absolutely be reduced, yet last-mile delivery increases flows and therefore pollution in the city. One of the alternatives to face this ecological challenge: the electrically assisted bicycle . This means of transport is suitable for traveling at low speed over short distances. It also allows companies to adopt an ecological communication strategy.


Logistical constraints

Adapting to customer constraints is the motto of transport professionals. The growing development of online shopping is pushing companies in the sector to adapt to consumers' schedules. Many are now offering evening and weekend deliveries throughout the year, in slots of 2 hours maximum. To meet this demand , most are equipping themselves with electric vehicles for transport and delivery.

Bike delivery for restaurants: Uber eats, Deliveroo, Stuart…

A changing sector

The restaurant industry is changing. The consumer behavior of the French in terms of home delivery has evolved in favor of home delivery. Restaurants are increasingly using bicycle delivery services . Food expenditure is constantly increasing. Indeed, following the health crisis, many French people have become accustomed to this type of service. This is an underlying trend that is continuing. The main reasons for using delivery are: speed, the possibility of ordering at the last moment and simplicity in the ordering process. Nearly one in three restaurants now offers a meal delivery service.


Always faster!

You have most certainly heard about the working conditions of bicycle delivery people. Delivery platforms impose high speeds with increasingly low wages. Recently, the couriers have a time limit to make the delivery under penalty of penalties (most often financial). Delivering quickly involves endangering and most often not respecting the highway code.

The electrically assisted bicycle has become an essential tool for many couriers in their work. It allows both to move faster, further, with a minimum of effort.


Which bike to choose? For what type of deliveries?

Everyone should think about their performance. If the goal is to get from point A to point B quickly, prefer a light electric bike . If the goal is to travel long distances, prioritize a bike with a large battery capacity. If you have to ship a large number of parcels, the cargo or trailer bike will be the most suitable.

Guide to electrically assisted bicycles according to use

The lightweight electric bike

Ideal for bike couriers wishing to make fast deliveries . It has less autonomy than other models but allows you to weave through traffic.

Angell: the French smart electric bike


Cowboy C3: the connected electric bike for urban riders


The urban electric bike

This type of bike, often equipped with a battery with a long range, is popular with bike couriers who travel long distances . It is also an asset for cities with a significant difference in altitude.

O2Feel Iswan city up: technicality and efficiency on a daily basis


Hercules intero I-8: the high-end city bike


The cargo bike

Very popular with companies, the cargo bike is a formidable tool in the city. It is mainly used for parcel delivery . It is a fast means of transport that is revolutionizing urban logistics.

Cube cargo hybrid: pure power


Conclusion on the rise of bicycle delivery

A revolution is taking shape in last-mile delivery. We see the appearance everywhere of soft modes of transport in order to reduce as much as possible the invasion of polluting trucks in city centers. Many companies equip themselves with fleets of cargo bikes to deliver to their customers at the end of the chain.

In the home meal delivery sector, there is also a craze for the electrically assisted bicycle, which seems to be the most suitable means of transport for making quick deliveries in town.


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