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Riding an electric bike: How much does it cost

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Buying an electric bike can turn out to be a real investment for years to come. Faced with the difficulty of getting around in urban areas by car and the constantly rising cost of fuel, city dwellers are turning to the electric bicycle as their main means of transport .

But given the relatively high price of electric bikes, is this vehicle profitable? Let's find out here, the true cost of an electrically assisted bicycle in the long term.

Make the electric bike your main vehicle

When you choose to make the electric bike your main daily vehicle, you must first think about its use and its reliability over time. The amortization of the purchase of an electric bike involves keeping your two-wheelers for as long as possible .

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For this, it is wise to invest in a quality product with high-end components, resistant to the test of time. But the purchase price of the bike represents only one part of the expenses related to its use.

Choose a quality electric bike

The first advice we can give you is not to skimp on the quality of the product. You should consider an electric bike as a real everyday vehicle ; like an automobile.

To do this, it is first of all useful to clearly target the use you will have of your two-wheeler. Is it for driving around town, over short or long distances or just to enjoy the weekend when the weather permits.

Avoid cheap e-bikes

The price is usually a good indicator of the quality of an electric bike. Below 1200 euros, do not plan to take advantage of this type of machine for more than 2 or 3 years. The components provided for this kind of budget are often of lower quality .

We think in particular of the battery which will very quickly lose autonomy after the first year, no suspensions, a fragile derailleur group as well as tires and inner tubes not intended for an electric bike.

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Indeed, an e-bike is heavier than a mechanical bicycle and requires tires that are more resistant to the additional weight. But that's not all. The average speed of an electrically assisted bicycle is higher than on a conventional bicycle. The tires must also take this higher speed as well as more consistent braking.

From 1700 euros for a reliable model

If you plan to invest in the electrically assisted bicycle for future years, then you must turn to a larger budget of between 1700 and 2500 euros . In this price range, you will find a quality product that can last over time.

It is better to spend a larger sum once, instead of buying a cheap electric bike every 2 years. Especially since the electricity subsidy is only valid once per person.

Quality Components on the Garrett Miller

Our Fat Bike Garrett Miller Electric Bike is assembled with quality parts. These are designed to stand the test of time. Garrett has selected high-end components such as a Sunrace derailleur that is resistant over time to different gear changes.

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The large 20-inch Kenda tires are "E-Bike" certified, as are the front suspensions of the Garrett Miller X, which provide both comfort and reduce vibrations from the road.

Parts that will last over time for maximum profitability.

Secure your e-bike

One of the main obstacles to the practice of the electric bike is the fear of theft. The battery being a very expensive element of the bike, it attracts covetousness. It is therefore particularly necessary to think carefully, when you buy an electric bike, where you are going to store it (or park it).

We can only recommend an enclosed place such as a bicycle parking lot, a garage or even bring it with you to your office for more security.

If this is not possible, it is imperative to keep your property safe to buy a quality lock . Not always easy to carry on your bike, it is nevertheless essential to avoid any stress when you leave your bike outside. It is therefore an additional cost to anticipate when buying an electric bike.

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But be careful where you hang your vehicle. Many electric bikes, however firmly attached to their padlocks, are stolen for lack of vigilance.

The technique of thieves has evolved and they do not hesitate to trap street furniture. If your two wheels are firmly attached to it, thieves simply have to unscrew the furniture to unhook your bike.

Electric bike maintenance at very low prices

If you take care of your vehicle, you can keep the bike for a good ten years or more by recycling the battery. E-bike maintenance is easy and relatively affordable .

You will need an inflation pump to control your tire pressure. A properly inflated (e-bike quality) tire is a bike with a very low risk of punctures. However, it is possible to use the self-service inflation stations that are popping up more and more in cities. These are free and easily accessible.

Adjusting the disc brakes is also quite easy. Don't wait until the brake lining has had its day. This could lead to scratching of the disc and therefore its change.

It is also useful to clean dust and other projections on electric bikes. A well-maintained bike will last longer in your hands. It only takes a little elbow grease and possibly a waterless cleaner to avoid oxidizing the engine.

Garrett Miller advises you to go at least once a year for the overhaul of your electric bike. It is always less expensive to anticipate possible problems than to have to carry out repairs.

Driving an electric bike at a very low cost compared to other transport. We are thinking in particular of a public transport subscription in Ile-de-France. This costs 680 euros per year. It is this sum that you will be able to save each year in the company of your cycle.

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What accessories to equip?

Riding a bike also requires special equipment. If you take your cycle to go to work, it is better to avoid the backpack on your shoulders to take your equipment. It is better to hang a bag to carry your belongings . This will allow you to avoid perspiration on the back.

For safety, but also for comfort, treat yourself to a quality protective helmet . A helmet on your head that you like is all the reason to want to wear it. The latter could well save you in the event of a fall on your route. You can never be too careful!

During the spring but also in the fall, you have to cover yourself well to ride a bike. With the speed, the wind will quickly chill you. This is why Garrett Miller advises wearing gloves to protect your hands from the cold. Cheap equipment that is also useful if you fall off your bike.

A scarf is good, but a neck warmer is even better for cycling when it's cool. A wise and really inexpensive investment to prevent you from getting sick unnecessarily.

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What is the cost of electric charging?

Finally comes the question of recharging the battery. If you are worried about your electricity bill, you should know that recharging your electric bike is almost painless for its user. No need to take out a subscription from an energy supplier, unlike an electric car.

On a simple power outlet, it takes just under 1 euro to cover 100 km on an electric bike. An absolutely unbeatable price for a motor vehicle.

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