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vélotaf 5 bonnes raisons d'aller au travail en vélo électrique

Vélotaf: 5 good reasons to go to work by VAE

School starts again soon ! Are you tired of spending hours in traffic jams or huddled together in the metro without being able to move? It's time for a change of scenery.

Cycling to work has many advantages. Cycling to commute to work is now called vélotaf. In this article, we summarize the benefits of the VAE on your physical and moral health to start the new school year in the best conditions.

1 - Boost your productivity

No more traffic jams and the subway, start your day by pedaling. The bicycle is a much faster means of transport than public transport or the car and saves considerable time. The vélotaf allows you to reduce your home-work journey time by 2 in most cases.

vélotaf electric bike commuting to work luggage rack bag

In addition, an electric bike ride (or not) releases endorphins. This helps reduce stress and anxiety. Velotaf also helps to secrete dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which affects motivation, productivity and concentration.

Vélotaf makes you happier

An English study conducted among 18,000 commuters shows that cycling to work makes you happier than average. Vélotaf also generates an increase in productivity for users and reduces absenteeism.

The practice of the mechanical bike or electric bike on the way to work gives you a boost for the start of the day but also when you return home. By avoiding traffic jams after a day's work and taking advantage of the oxygenation, you arrive home much more relaxed. This way, your sleep at night will be much more restful. A virtuous circle that allows you to feel more rested every day.

2 - Save money

Although the VAE is a little more expensive than the classic bicycle, it is still much cheaper to buy and operate than a motorcycle or a car. Many electric bike subsidies are in place at city level but also in the region to offer you up to 500 euros for the purchase of a new electric bike. This bonus can also be applied by converting a classic bicycle into a VAE for a maximum amount of 400 euros.

electric bike city commuter backpack

Several aids are also available for people wishing to equip themselves with a VAE: sustainable mobility package (formerly bicycle mileage allowance), the bicycle bonus and the conversion bonus if you decide to give up the car.

Virtually no annual fees with the vélotaf

On the battery charging side of an electric bike, they are minimal; about 10 cents per charge . In addition, the maintenance of this two-wheeler is inexpensive over a year and there are no parking costs with the vélotaf.

The calculation is therefore quite simple and has the advantage of the electric bicycle, which turns out to be an economical alternative for urban travel. Thanks to development projects in our cities, it will soon be possible to make even more trips by bicycle.

By living in the Ile-de-France region, you can also benefit from the developed and protected cycle paths called RER V.

vélotaf women's electric bike luggage rack city transport bag

3 - No more hassle of public transport

More and more of us are abandoning public transport in favor of less restrictive alternatives. Public transport is convenient but also often broken down, on strike or overloaded. Very often, moreover, the journey time to go to work is lengthened because the lines are not necessarily direct.

Stop being hostage to public transport schedules

It is then necessary to count at least 2 changes and therefore additional travel time to go to work. Cycling is also a good way to avoid close contact in the current health context. More and more velotaf users have opted for social distancing .

By cycling to your job, you are free to decide your route and your departure times . The flexibility offered by the vélotaf is an undeniable comfort. The feeling of dependence that one may feel in relation to public transport timetables disappears.

electric bike vélotaf man trend ecology

4 - Help protect the environment

We often hear that the production of electric bikes is polluting. This is however not true . Of course the manufacture of parts and batteries for electric bikes generate CO2 emissions, the same goes for any production. In addition, there are many initiatives in place to recycle end-of-life batteries and other components.

On the other hand, riding an e-bike does not emit any CO2 emissions on a daily basis and therefore does not contribute to the increase in pollution in the city. It is the ideal means of transport if you want to do something for the planet.

Reduce your carbon footprint with the Vélotaf

By using an e-bike instead of the car to go to work, you are helping to reduce air pollution. Not everyone can put in the effort on a classic city bike. But with the electric assistance you will be able to exceed your limits without effort to get to your place of work.

Cities are adapting to the use of bicycles and in particular of commuters. Participate in your turn in the preservation of the planet by adopting the right gestures.

vélotaf electric bike city backpack sport helmet

5 - Play sports!

This is certainly one of the most popular back-to-school resolutions. Remember that the WHO recommends at least 2h30 of moderate-intensity activity per week to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Thanks to the motorization of the VAE, you practice a physical effort without even realizing it when you go to work by bike. The VAE allows you to arrive at work without a drop of sweat!

Physical activity without realizing it

No more backpack with spare things or shower at the office for the lucky ones. Besides, we advise you to use the luggage rack to hang your work things rather than carrying a backpack. This makes it possible not to generate perspiration at the level of the back even in the case of an electric bicycle.

If you want to take the leap and change your means of transport in favor of the VAE, this can be done gradually. Start by doing a first test by learning the most suitable route, by finding out about the facilities available at your workplace (to park your bike and recharge your battery) and above all assess your physical abilities on this daily journey to cycle to work.

electric bike helmet blue city sport health


In short, you will have understood that the vélotaf as a means of getting to work is practical, pleasant, fast, economical and ecological . You too can follow the vélotaf movement. In short, it allows you to have greater autonomy in your daily movements, as well as the practice of regular physical activity.

We guarantee that this affects your productivity at work as well as your physical and moral condition. The entire Garrett Miller team has also adopted the electrically assisted bicycle to get to the office and each of us strongly recommends the vélotaf!


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