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Vélo électrique chopper : Tendance et Écologique

Electric chopper bike: Trendy and Eco-friendly

When the vintage trend meets the increasingly present attraction for eco-mobility, the result is the chopper electric bike. It is now a very fashionable means of getting around in our cities. With its ecological spirit combined with its very “chill” look, this vintage electric bike is unanimous in town, in the countryside or by the sea.

The neo-retro biker style is gaining more and more followers today. Between nostalgia, authenticity and also a way to stand out, the retro style of the chopper-style electric bike is all the rage in our streets. Electric bike manufacturers are therefore surfing on this trend and today offer you various models with a retro look.

Why choose a vintage-style electric bike?

Treating yourself to and riding an electric bike today means:

  • avoid traffic jams thanks to the use of more and more cycle paths
  • save time on your urban journeys (It is actually estimated that an electric bike journey allows you to divide your journey time by 2 compared to the car.)
  • an increasingly easy traffic in the city despite the incivility of motorists
  • protect its environment by drastically reducing its CO2 emissions
  • increase in life expectancy
  • be in better physical and mental health
  • combine business with pleasure

electric bike garrett miller chopper seaside

But the advantage of opting for a chopper electric bike is obviously to be able to adapt your electric bike to your own style. Electric bike manufacturers offer you the embarrassment of choice as to the models and ranges available on the market. So how to choose?

What is the use of electric chopper bikes?

First of all, it is important to define your needs for its use.

To get around town with comfort and ease, a vintage urban electric bike will suffice. However, if you prefer technical terrain (mud, dirt, sand for example) and want a more sporty product, we recommend a Cruiser or Beach Cruiser electric bike with large fat bike tires.

If you want to combine driving in town and in the countryside, you can also choose a mixed electric bike model.

What criteria should be taken into account before purchasing?


Whether it is placed in the crankset or in the rear wheel, you should know that in order to be able to travel legally on public roads, the motor of an electrically assisted bicycle is limited to 250W in France.

Your pedaling will then be assisted up to a speed of 25 km/h . To go beyond that, you will have to rely solely on the power of your legs.

Models offering higher horsepower electric motors are considered speedbikes . This type of machine has electric assistance limited to 45 km/h.

But to drive off-road, you will be required to have insurance , a protective helmet and a license plate (but not a registration document).

super73 lifestyle couple style vintage electric bike

The weight

An electric bike weighs more due to the weight of the components (motor and battery). In order to facilitate its transport if necessary, we advise you to test move the bike to make sure that you can get there without any problems.

The ideal is to have a garage or bike room in your home to store it easily.


Choose a battery with good battery life. A quality battery will allow you to go on longer and better journeys. It is very easy on a chopper bike to ride comfortably and effortlessly, so you might as well enjoy it on long journeys.

The price

This criterion depends on your budget for the acquisition of a retro electric bike. Indeed, manufacturers offer all price ranges, it's up to you to choose.

Comparative Chopper Electric Bike

After digesting these many tips in buying a vintage electric bike, we have selected the best models in the chopper bike category. Now let's introduce these neo-retro electric bikes and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

RAYVOLT CRUZER: The most vintage

vintage american chopper rayvolt cruzer electric bike

With a design retracing the silhouette of the first motorcycles, you will not go unnoticed on the handlebars of this super retro electric bike.

Equipped with a 3-phase DC brushless motor, quality batteries, electronic brakes and an intelligent virtual assistant, the Rayvolt Cruzer guarantees you quality electric assistance and reduced battery consumption.

This particularly long bike will give you a smooth, fast (speed-bike), intuitive and high-tech riding experience.


  • More torque, more response
  • Low noise and vibration
  • EIVA Smart Virtual Assistant


  • High price
  • No suspensions
  • A small spring saddle
  • Somewhat heavy component weight
  • In the Speedbike category

GARRETT MILLER X 2021: Relaxation and Technology

electric bike fat bike garrett miller x black

The Garrett Miller X , version 2021, returns even more technical and practical than its previous version.

Indeed, equipped with a 250W Brushless motor, 5 assistance modes, an improved braking system, front suspensions and unfailing comfort, this vintage electric bike is as sleek as it is pleasant to ride. conduct.

With a new color LCD display on the handlebars, the Garrett Miller will be your ally for all your rides thanks to its GPS function to show you the way. Indeed, it is possible via Bluetooth to link your smartphone to the Garrett Miller X version 2021.

The little extra of this top-of-the-range electric bike: prefer rides for two on an ultra-comfortable saddle designed for two people and with toe clips for each passenger.


  • Comfort of use thanks to its front suspensions
  • Two-person bike
  • Big Kenda All-Terrain Tires
  • Available in 3 colors (Black, Nardo Gray and Military Green)


  • Price

SUPER 73 S: The most American

super73 S electric bike american fat bike chopper

With an atypical and unique style , this retro electric bike does everything not to go unnoticed.

Featuring extra wide wheels, quality brakes and a very quick start, nothing will stop you with this fat bike electric bike.

Indeed, with a driving information dial (speed, mileage, etc.) and with its four different driving modes (freewheel mode to slalom between obstacles, eco mode to save your battery, tour mode which allows you to test the nervousness of this electric bike and sport mode which will give you sensations and speed), the Super 73 Serie-S adapts to all driving and road situations.

But let's be honest, this bike has all the aesthetic qualities required to impress but it is not as comfortable as its competitors.


  • Possibility to ride with two people
  • Unparalleled style
  • 4 driving modes


  • Price a bit high
  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Slightly light suspensions
  • The annoying battery

B'CLOO BOOBER: Armorican Fat Bike

electric bike b'cloo boober vintage leather fat bike armoricain

Its totally vintage design with leather inserts and its XXL length make it a real electric chopper bike. From a company based in the Côtes d'Armor this bike has a 250W motor in the rear wheel and an integrated battery.

The B'Cloo BOOBER is a fat bike with big 26 inch wheels. It has a pleasant and good handling both in town and in the countryside. This electric bike inspired by the first Harley motorcycles has a look that does not go unnoticed!

Moreover, with a range of approximately 60 km, its hydraulic brakes, it will offer you comfort and flexibility on the road as well as quality braking.


  • Good autonomy
  • Pleasure driving
  • quality hydraulic braking


  • Price too high
  • Single seat only

SUPER 73 RX: The sportiest of all

super73 rx american beach electric bike sport

Finally, the ultimate Super73 RX chopper is a retro bike with an ultra-sporty look. Its design is based on an all-terrain motocross that will offer you elegance and dynamism on your journeys. Indeed, the Super73 RX is optimized to offer a fluid experience on the road as well as on the paths of trails.

If it is a bit heavy with its 36 kg on the scale, the Super73 Serie R is no longer very well equipped. With suspensions both on a front fork but also at the rear, this provides better comfort. Its regulatory 250W motor in the rear wheel and its Magura hydraulic braking make it the most upscale electric bike.


  • Dynamic
  • Elegant and Sporty Look at the same time
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front and rear suspension


  • Very high price
  • Saddle always a little hard

electric bike super73 sx friends group

Conclusion on the retro electric bike

As you have understood, choosing the right chopper version electric bike is not easy.

Indeed, with the multitude of models and styles offered, you will have to try the different bikes in order to position yourself on the best for you as to its usefulness.

We advise you to test the retro electric bikes that you like: driving (acceleration and braking, torque), weight but also comfort in order to choose the bike best suited to your needs and take full advantage of this electric experience!


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