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Speedbike : le vélo électrique rapide et puissant

Speedbike: the fast and powerful electric bike

You are now all familiar with the electrically assisted bicycle, but have you ever heard of the fast electric bicycle called a speedbike ? It looks like an electric bike but it belongs to the same category as mopeds because this bike allows its user to ride up to 45 km/h using assistance. From a legal point of view, it is therefore subject to the same constraints as a scooter: registration , insurance , approved equipment . In this article, we are going to introduce you to this newcomer to the electric bike segment.


What is a speedbike?

The speed bike looks like a classic electric bike in every way: a frame, handlebars, pedals... But on closer inspection, the presence of a rear- view mirror , a license plate , powerful lights and a horn show that this bike uses the codes of the scooter .

Under the law, the speedbike is indeed considered 50cc . Where a so-called "classic" electrically assisted bicycle offers pedaling assistance of up to 25 km/h , the speedbike can push this assistance up to 45 km/h !

This bike cannot be considered as such because the power of its motor can exceed the 250W authorized for classic pedelecs and generally offers capacities of 350W or 500W. In addition, the electric assistance is active up to 45 km/h, and no longer up to 25 km/h. These technical characteristics therefore place the speed bike in the same category as mopeds .


Why choose a speedbike?

This type of bike is comfortable on all terrains . The speedbike allows you to move up to 45 km/h thanks to the pedal assistance. This is equivalent to using a scooter or a small displacement motorcycle. Like the VAE, it requires little physical effort thanks to the power deployed by the motor to help you move forward.

The speedbike is also an ecological and economical means of transport. You move without emitting co2 while saving fuel, parking and maintenance. The last essential point is the ease of movement . If you made the choice of the speed bike it is above all to save time in transport. No more traffic jams, set off to conquer the bitumen!

Choosing a speed bike is therefore choosing a fast and versatile means of transport. Indeed, thanks to its autonomy and its capacities, it allows you to cover long distances effortlessly and at a faster pace than a conventional electric bike. Before opting for this type of bike, it is therefore necessary to define precisely what your needs are and what use you want to make of this new transport.


All about the legislation

Registration and insurance

Here are the conditions for driving a speed bike:

  • Be at least 14 years old .
  • Hold an A, B, AM or BSR permit.
  • The bike must be registered .
  • Insurance is compulsory and the certificate (the green sticker) must be affixed to the front of the fork, in other words on the fork or on the mudguard (art. A211-10 of the Insurance Code).
  • At a minimum, you must be covered by moped liability insurance , which covers damage to third parties.
  • It is forbidden to install a baby seat or a trailer .

Helmet and gloves required

To ride a classic electric bike, wearing a helmet is optional. In the case of the speed bike, wearing a helmet is compulsory !

But be careful, you don't have to choose just any helmet. In France, regulations require the wearing of an ECE2205 approved helmet .

You will also need to wear motorcycle- approved gloves . The standard that defines them ( EN13594:2015 ) provides for two levels of protection: 1 or 1KP and 2KP.


Where should I drive?

Forget bike lanes, as a speedbike user you are bound to ride on the road .

No authorization for traffic in the opposite direction on one-way streets, forest paths , or tracks prohibited to motor vehicles is granted.

Your fast e-bike looks and rides like a bicycle, but legally it's closer to a scooter .

The best speedbikes 2021

Mustache Friday 27 FS speed dual


The Friday 27 FS Speed ​​is the ultimate mobility solution for cyclists because the longer the distances, the greater the time saved! The Friday 27 FS Speed ​​is on average faster than cars or scooters in urban and suburban environments, and even in the countryside . Your journey time remains stable whatever the traffic conditions… or in the event of a public transport strike!

The Friday 27 FS Speed ​​is available in 2 versions : single or dual battery. The single battery version allows you to cover a wide radius at high speed for your daily challenges. In the Dual version, you can cover even longer distances with 1125 Watts of autonomy, so you increase the autonomy of the bike by 80% and can extend your playground.

Simply let yourself be guided by the Nyon connected speedometer with integrated GPS function .

With a maximum torque of 85 Nm and a light weight of only 2.9 kg , the Performance Line Speed ​​motor will accompany you up to 45 km/h easily and safely.

The frame of the Friday 27 FS Speed ​​offers 100mm of travel front and rear. The Magura brakes specifically developed for Speed ​​use will stop you in the pocket, even at high speed. Finally, the 35 mm wide Mustache rims shod with Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires will ensure comfort, traction and durability!

Riese & Müller SuperDelite GT touring

electric_bike_Riese & Müller_SuperDelite_GT_touring

The Superdelite GT Touring model was designed to cover long distances. Discover nature with complete peace of mind with this bike which offers optimal safety and total comfort with its high quality equipment. It is your best ally in your travels: you will be able to discover a new place every day with complete peace of mind!

Whether you are at work, on the weekend or on a cycling holiday, the Superdelite GT Touring will satisfy the needs of the most demanding.

This speed bike is equipped with the latest generation of Bosch Performance Line CX motors. The bike is equipped with Magura MT5/MT4 hydraulic disc brakes (front/rear) as standard, Shimano Deore XT Shadow + 11 derailleur, Suntour Aion fork and Suntour rear suspension.

To see and be seen at night, the Superdelite is equipped with highly efficient Supernova lighting.

Stromer ST3


The Speed ​​Bike Stromer ST3 allows you to quickly cover long distances, while keeping the pleasure of riding on a dynamic , comfortable , well-balanced bike.

The connected OMNI system allows you to manage motor assistance, personalize your settings, receive a set of statistics, display autonomy, etc.

The Stromer ST3 is equipped with 27.5" wheels and a complete set of accessories: mudguards, luggage rack, mirror. For safety and visibility, the front headlight (900 lumen max) is combined with the taillight. Stromer Daylight The rear lighting incorporates a safety brake light system.

The Speed ​​Bike Stromer ST3 uses the SYNO Drive II rear wheel motor. Powerful, silent, it offers 3 modes and a maximum torque. of 44 Nm. The 814 Wh battery provides good autonomy, rated at 150 km by the brand, in optimal conditions of use.



As you will have understood, the speedbike is the ultimate electric bike . This is a niche market that caters to a targeted clientele . Its high price and approval constraints can be a barrier to purchase for some users. However, this new type of bike turns out to be a real alternative to the car or public transport in town.


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