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The Electric Fat Bike Phenomenon - Big Wheel Bike Buying Guide

Surely you have already come across these bikes at the beach, in the mountains and even in town where they are more and more trendy . We call them fat bikes literally "fat bikes" because they are equipped with wide tires in order to be as versatile and fun as possible , all with style! Discover its history as well as a guide to buying a big wheel electric bike.


What is the origin of Fatbike bikes ?

The first fat bikes were designed in the 80s in the snowy regions of Alaska and the deserts of New Mexico. The fat bike's large tires allow for all-season use and provide users with the ability to move through snow and sand in mode all terrain .

The tires are also softer and wider to provide excellent traction on rough terrain.

The major brands began to mass-produce this type of fat tire bike in the 2000s. Europe saw this category of cycles arrive in the 2010s. It is then used by nature lovers who wish enjoy more and explore inaccessible paths with an ATV.

The fat bike is now established everywhere to the point of becoming a a real phenomenon for cycling and outdoor enthusiasts !


The rise of the electric fat bike in France

The issue of fat bike is national and the renters have understood this. Whether in our mountain ranges of the Alps or the Pyrenees, on the Atlantic coast, in Normandy, on the island of beauty and so on, the fatbike passion is launched !

We now meet this fat tire bike on all types of terrain. He is very approachable and intended for the whole family: even juniors have bikes with XXL tires in 20 or 24 inches.

The fat bike is a big wheel electric bike for everyone and easy to ride . It is heavy and therefore not necessarily considered an all-terrain bike, but thanks to its stability, it is reassuring. It is aimed at nature lovers, off-road enthusiasts and also for relaxed city driving.

It is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists. There are fatbikes in men's, women's or junior models.


The advantages of the big wheel electric bike

Its ability to adapt to the Fat Bike is its main asset . Indeed, whether in the snow, in the forest, on the beach or on a stony road, it will be your best ally.

In recent years, the electric fat bike has appeared on the market, attracting fans of sporty rides but not only!

  • Originality : the fat bike has developed another way of riding a bicycle. Its inimitable style will surely appeal to BMX fans and all those who like to break the codes.
  • Adhesion : with an electric fat bike, the most difficult paths become a playground. Its oversized tires adhere perfectly to all surfaces, even delicate ones. They are inflated less than traditional tires, to absorb the irregularities of the ground and enjoy maximum comfort.
  • Simplicity and lightness : very powerful, the electric fat bike is however very simple in its equipment. Fixed fork, disc brakes: maintenance is quick and easy. Thanks to its lightweight frame, battery and motor that provide pedal assistance, you won't feel its weight!
  • Robustness : its wide, low-pressure tires offer more resistance than the majority of mountain bikes because a conventional tire takes on rough spots much less well. There is far less risk of a puncture with a fat bike than a regular bike or even a mountain bike in urban riding.
  • A multi-use bike : The fat bike is the only bike that rolls smoothly in powder and ice, but also in mud and sand, without skidding and without ejecting you! No need to invest in a mountain bike and a forest bike, this one ticks all the boxes with its wide and versatile tires


The playgrounds of the electric fat bike

explore nature

Steep, gravelled paths, roots, mud… nothing stops him, all obstacles pose no problem. It is a practical bike in winter or summer with good traction . A stream to cross or a small stream? You are going to enjoy the big wheel electric bike.

Discover the beach

We have all experienced it before, pedaling in the sand is exhausting! A classic bike sinks, loses all grip and has no traction. The electric fat bike is very comfortable on this type of surface . You can have fun on the French beaches out of season or in the early morning when they are still empty to ride easily and enjoy the coastline.

Walk the mountain

More and more mountain bike rental companies have added electric fatbikes to their range. If you have the opportunity to go to the mountains for a few days (in summer as in winter), test them!

Rides in the snow from the glacier of the two Alps for the more adventurous, the discovery of spectacular landscapes on the Vercors plateau, the crossing of snowdrifts, patches of ice on the 3 Valleys area, all in fun and without any difficulty .

Visit the city

Driving around town can be more complex than expected. Sidewalks, work zones, tram tracks... so many obstacles that the fat bike can overcome in the blink of an eye, without batting an eyelid.

Very important point: do not forget to protect your bike against theft ( engraving , locks , geolocation) because the fat bike is a bike that you notice!

Buying Guide: Best Fat Wheel Electric Bikes

We have compared the best electric fat bikes sold on the French market against the Garrett Miller X. Advantages, weaknesses, you will know everything to buy the fat wheel electric bike of your dreams.


garrett miller x street electric fat wheel bike luggage rack

Each passing year sees its new version of the Garrett Miller. Over time, the Garrett Miller X gains in comfort. After the addition of a better, more resistant saddle, a front suspension in 2019, a cup holder and a luggage rack in 2020, the 2021 version of the electric Fat Bike offers new colors as well as an electronic display on the handlebars ultra modern.

The large color screen on the handlebar offers a bluetooth connection to synchronize your smartphone. You can then receive GPS directions on your Fat Bike electric bike, without taking the phone out of your pocket!

An essential point that makes all the difference when looking at the competition. The Garrett Miller X 2021 offers all the best on the market. All without changing its price!


  • Comfort of use thanks to its front suspensions
  • Two-seater saddle
  • Big 20 inch Kenda All-Terrain Tires
  • Available in 3 colors (Black, Nardo Gray and Military Green)
  • Rear rack
  • Rear passenger footrests
  • Color digital display and bluetooth with GPS function


  • Price

SUPER 73 S: American by nature

electric bike fat bike big wheel super73 s sunset feature

With its atypical and unique style , this retro electric bike with big wheels does everything not to go unnoticed. It is equipped with very wide wheels for all terrain, quality brakes and a very quick start. Nothing will stop you with this fat bike electric bike.

If the Super73 brand of fat wheel electric bike has all the aesthetic qualities required, it still has many flaws. Starting with comfort. The hyper rigid frame without any suspensions is relatively handicapping to ride with pleasure.

Not really ideal for riding in comfort mode, because the saddle ultimately absorbs relatively little shock and vibration from the road.


  • Unparalleled style
  • 4 driving modes
  • High price
  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • No suspensions
  • The annoying battery
  • Low-end digital display

SUPER 73 RX: The sportiest of all

fat wheel electric bike super73 rx fat bike beach woman

The Super73 RX is a retro bike with an ultra-sporty look. Its design is based on an all-terrain motocross that will offer you elegance and dynamism on your journeys. Indeed, the Super73 RX is optimized to offer a fluid experience on the road as well as on the paths of trails.

This fat bike electric bike is a bit heavy with its 36 kg on the scale, but the Super73 Serie R is particularly well equipped. With suspensions both on a front fork but also at the rear, this provides better comfort.

Its regulatory 250W motor in the rear wheel and its Magura hydraulic braking make it the most high-end fat wheel electric bike in France.


  • Dynamic
  • Elegant and Sporty Look at the same time
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front and rear suspension


  • Very high price
  • Saddle always a little hard

Succumb to the fat bike trend

As you will have understood, the fat bike allows its user to evolve on a large number of terrains . Whether crossing slippery, muddy or steep areas, its wide tires and geometry ensure balance on difficult and winding courses.

Because of its weight, speed is not one of its main qualities, but it allows you to ride in leisure mode while enjoying superb landscapes .
Don't look for performance, the electric fat bike is a pleasure bike to get away from it all while savoring the landscape. Like any electric bike, it benefits from large subsidies , so don't wait any longer to take advantage!


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